Whenever you get a quote for a dumpster rental, you typically get the actual price you will pay in the end. There are moments or situations where overage fees may occur due to over-filling the bin and making it to cross its weight allowance, or having restricted items like tires or paint in the bin. 

Luckily, these extra charges are easy to avoid by taking the time to learn more about what you can and cannot do with a rented dumpster. 

Check out these tips to avoid overage fees: 

Rental Extension 

If you rent a dumpster, but you have now decided you want to keep the dumpster for a longer time than expected, you will be charged an extra fee for that. This can easily be avoided by planning ahead and taking the time to schedule for something else you may be doing. 

Exceeding Tonnage

Another way to accumulate additional fees is by surpassing the weight limit. When a dumpster is filled over the rental weight limit, there are going to be fees charged. A way to avoid this is to talk with the rental dumpster’s customer service team when booking the dumpster and decide which dumpster works best for your needs. Remember, the weight limit allowed depends on the size of the dumpster.

As a suggestion, it is better to load your larger items into the dumpster first and ensure there isn’t anything else over their fill line. 

Dumpsters Containers

Thinking about what is going to be inside the dumpster is very important to avoid fees. Make sure you ask any customer service representative what things you are allowed to put in the dumpster.

Service Area

It is important to take into consideration the areas that the rental dumpster covers. If you live in an uncovered area, you will have to pay extra fees for those services.

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