Demolishing and Renovating a Bathroom Yourself?

An updated bathroom can bring a tremendous amount of value to a home. Many homeowners feel like the project is manageable enough to tackle themselves. Bathrooms are smaller rooms and tend to be more separate from the rest of the home. Here are a few tips to get you headed in the right direction.

Get Organized

The key to keeping this an affordable project is planning. This will also help you keep your sanity. A lot of home projects can feel very stressful, but having a well-thought-out plan can help when you are battling DIY chaos. 

First, have a budget in mind. The national average for a DIY bathroom remodel is $6,500. But this number can range from $1,500- $15,000. This will really come in handy when you are selecting pricey items later in the remodel.

Making a list of supplies should coincide with budgeting. This will also help with using your time efficiently. It can be very time- consuming to be forced to go to the hardware store multiple times. You will need to consider all parts of the project you are doing yourself. There will be materials and tools needed for demo, waterproofing, plumbing, installing drywall, tiling, and fixtures. If you are doing all of these things yourself, it is important to get all the materials beforehand. It may be wise to get extras to account for mistakes because most home improvement stores will accept returns.

Once you have broken down your supply list, it should be much clearer what your tasks and schedule will be like. Plan out your days available. Give yourself an additional time on each major task, if it is your first time taking on the task. 

Schedule Dumpster Delivery

Scheduling a dumpster delivery is a step most home renovators neglect to do. They think that the debris can fit in their existing trash can. But you will soon find that your trash will be overflowing with debris. Bathroom remodels have really bulky waste like bathtubs, toilets, and vanities. Additionally, old tile and drywall can really pile up.

Some home renovators think they can just make a run to the dump. This will also be an inconvenience because you will have to make multiple trips. This will also require access to a truck. So if you are renting a truck, this may have to be done multiple times. 

A dumpster is a great decision for the home renovator. Red Dog Dumpster can help you secure the appropriate sized dumpster for your renovation needs. Red Dog Dumpster can schedule a time to deliver the dumpster. When your project is complete, Red Dog Dumpster will take the dumpster and debris away. 

The sooner you can get construction debris out of your house, the better. It will make the project run much smoother.  

Schedule Help

Some people opt to seek help for certain parts of their DIY renovation projects. Do you feel uncomfortable doing your own electrical work? If not, hire an electrician. Does plumbing make you nervous? Hire a plumber.

The planning stages of your renovation are a great time to schedule any sub-contractors that you may need. Many contractors get booked up, so it is important to find the right person to do the tasks that you need. This way you can get on her or his schedule before work gets started. There can be a big hold up if this is not scheduled properly.

Buy Renovation Materials

Now that you have a detailed plan and materials list, it is time to buy materials. Many home improvement stores offer online ordering. This is a great option because it allows you to compare prices. It is also much faster because you do not have to search a large store for your materials. Many of these home improvement stores will deliver materials straight to your home. 

Time for Demolition

It is now time for demolition. Be sure to turn off your utilities to your bathroom before you start demolition. This should go much more smoothly now that you have your dumpster.

Call Red Dog Dumpster today so you can get started on your next renovation project.