Americans, we’re staying home doing our part to flatten the curve of infections of the COVID-19 virus. 

Red Dog Dumpsters supports all of the bored out of their gored, stir crazy, cabin fever bound people of Nashville, Houston, and Birmingham who are making the ultimate sacrifice and staying inside, watching Netflix, making dinner together, and finally getting to cleaning out the basement, garage, and attic. 

Social Distancing & Online Payments

Red Dog Dumpsters is available to support your home project while taking every precaution we can and keeping our distance from our clients when dropping off and picking up a dumpster rental. Importantly, Red Dog Dumpsters provides easy online payment methods so we are able to safely exchange money and deliver dumpster rental to your home during the Corona Virus crisis.

We’re All In This Together. 

Now is the perfect time for that home project, that bathroom replacement, that garage cleanout, the basement organization project…etc. etc. When you’re ready to make your space livable again order a dumpster online from Red Dog Dumpster, we will place the roll-off container where you want it and pick it up in a week if not requested sooner. 

To learn more about how Red Dog Dumpsters is keeping our drivers, our co-workers, and especially you safe, give us a call. 

The safety of our clients, employees, neighbors, and families is of the utmost importance to us. 

Be Safe. Stay Home. Clean Out Your Garage!

Serving Houston, Birmingham, and Nashville.