When you are cleansing or renovating any place, it can be surprising to see how much trash comes out of it. From broken tiles to old light fixtures, it can be tricky to know what to do with all of those things. Many people assume that getting a dumpster bag is the solution, but these can be more troublesome than they are worth. 

Here are some reasons why Dumpster Bags are not as good as they seem:


Many people who fill out their bag dumpsters to the brim in an ordinary yard have found out too late that the waste company couldn’t pick up the bag because the driveway was way too small. There were too many cars in the way, wasting time and non-refundable money.

Limited Service Area

Dumpsters bags might be available at the home store a mile away. Still, you may as well be up the summit of a mountain because service areas for picking up the bags are way too limited.

Poor Materials

Bag dumpsters are as collapsible as a plastic grocery bag compared to more reliable dumpsters made of hard materials. All it takes is one heavy object or too sharp, and that bag is gone. 

Size Is Not Everything

Bag dumpsters may look like they could handle a lot of weight, but the reality is that if you don’t read the fine print, you could be adding more weight than supported in the bag.


Even though they might seem like a cheap and affordable option because of their price, you will also have to pay the bag pickup by the manufacturer, which can cost a lot of dollars. There are other hidden fees and expenses with dumpster bags as well.

Difficulty To Move

Another huge issue with dumpster bags is that they are not designed to be moved by home or property owners. Dumpster bags need to be lifted out of place with a crane, making it hard and almost impossible to adjust your renovation setup. Not the case with dumpster rental in Nashville since they come with convenient wheels to make it easy to move around. 

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