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Let’s be honest; most people don’t want to live in a house with an ugly concrete patio. Maybe it was once beautiful before the weeds took over and cracked its surface, but now you need to get rid of it for good! Here is how you can demolish and dispose of your concrete patio without too much hassle.  

#1 – Clear The Area

Remove any furniture or objects on the concrete that might get in the way when breaking up the slab. Don’t forget to get a wheelbarrow to take concrete pieces to the dumpster. 

Also, use hang-drop cloths to protect any windows or door frames. Some pieces of concrete can fly up to 50 feet when broken apart with a sledgehammer or jackhammer. 

#2 – Choose A Starting Point

Check if there’s an area with deep cracks because the material is already weakened there. You may have an easier time breaking it apart from this point. But if there are no cracks, edges are an excellent place to begin. 

At an edge, Pour water onto dry areas so they won’t shatter when broken. It might surprise you that you don’t need to exert excessive force to break it up. Move in small sections because the exposed side will be a bit weaker than what’s in the middle.

#3 – Gather Tools

Use a sledgehammer or crowbar to break up the lumpy areas of cement. You could also use a jackhammer with a chisel to break up larger chunks of concrete. You can rent these at your local tool rental store. 

#4 – Dispose Of The Waste 

Once the concrete has been broken into small pieces, you need to dispose of it. Concrete is heavy and can be difficult to remove from your property without contacting a construction dumpster rental or hiring someone else to help with removing it for you.  

Dumpsters are an efficient and convenient method for debris removal—the dumpster company to the location of the patio removal and hauling away all the debris for you. 

With all of the dumpster rental services in Nashville, Tennessee, it can be hard to know which company will provide the best service for your needs. 

It would be best to have an easy to work with and responsive partner when you have questions or concerns about their equipment. This sounds like Red Dog Dumpsters, Nashville’s number one choice for debris and trash removal. We would love to talk with you about how our team can help meet your waste disposal needs!

Find Alternatives

You can also contact your local city office to inquire about how you can dispose of the concrete. If possible, they might offer assistance with removing any old concrete on your property or give you suggestions for another option. 

You will need to pay a fee to get rid of the waste materials this way, depending on what type of debris is in question. Whether there are permits required, it could be cheaper than hiring construction dumpster rental companies. 

If disposal fees are too expensive, there may be other options available. You could take the rubble yourself away from town or give them out free to people who want them around their own home. Just double-check with your municipality first before offering up anything! 

#5 – After Work

We’re not done yet. You will need to fill in any holes or cracks left behind after you dispose of them by pouring cement into each hole filling it up. Don’t forget to smooth out the cement so that no one trips over anything sharp, which could lead to significant injuries! 

A broom works well for this task. After everything is smoothed out, sprinkle some grass seed on top. Then, spread evenly across the area where patches are missing before breaking apart your patio slab. Water thoroughly every day until new growth within a two weeks time frame.

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