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15 Yard Bin

Perfect for Larger Projects: Our 15 Yard Bin is designed to fit comfortably in small spaces, making it ideal for both commercial and residential projects.



  • Free Delivery to Nashville & many surrounding areas
  • Guaranteed Same Day Delivery if you call or book online before noon
  • Read Barn Doors for Easy Loading: Loading your waste is a breeze with our bin’s rear barn door feature, ensuring convenient access and minimal effort.
  • Best Pricing: Red Dog Dumpsters is committed to making waste management affordable. Our 15 Yard Bin rental comes at a fantastic rate, ensuring that you stay within your project budget.
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About the 15-Yard Dumpster Bin

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Home Renovation

A dumpster bin is essential for home renovations as it provides a convenient way to dispose of large amounts of debris and waste materials. It helps keep the site clean, safe, and organized.


Garage Clean up

Tired of looking at that mess in the garage? Toss old materials and unused items with ease.


Estate transfer

When an estate changes hands, there’s often a need to haul off accumulated items. We make it simple and convenient.



A dumpster bin is invaluable in construction projects as it efficiently manages waste and debris, reducing potential hazards, while adhering to environmental regulations through proper waste management.


Junk Removal

Junk removal has never been so easy. You throw it away, we haul it off. That simple.



If a demolition project is in your future, these bins are ideal for their ease of use & ability to fit into tight spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Dumpster Rental FAQs

Click here to read the FAQs to learn about the kinds of materials that can be disposed of in a dumpster and which items carry an additional charge.