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Outstanding Service

Our exceptional service is the reason homeowners, contractors and Realtors call us when they need small dumpster for projects like garage and basement clean outs, kitchen and bath remodels, deck and fence rebuilds, flooring projects, landscaping, moving, water damage due to flood and more. When a huge commercial dumpster that takes up your entire drive and could leave its mark permanently is inappropriate for your project or job site, Red Dog Dumpsters is the cleaner, faster, less expensive alternative.

For Homeowners

Over half of Red Dog Dumpster customers are residential home owners doing various projects around the house. Many are repeat customers who use us usually for various improvements at their homes and even apartment renters. Others have one time projects that generate an excessive amount of trash. Renting residential dumpsters that you load is the most economical answer to your disposal needs. Here are some examples of how a small roll-off dumpster can help you at your residential property:


Any cleanup project around the house that creates undesirable junk.

  • Garages - get rid of old auto parts, junk boxes, old lumber, old bikes and more.
  • Sheds - dispose of old lawn mowers and spreaders, bad lawn furniture, and home project leftovers.
  • Basements - trash old and unusable furniture or appliances, clothes, luggage, boxes of household junk.
  • Yards - cleanup limbs, trees, bushes, old swing sets, barbecues, and old kids’ toys.


Virtually any move from a residence or commercial setting can generate a significant quantity of unwanted materials.

  • Pre list cleaning - clear junk piles in yard or around house to improve “street appeal”.
  • Moving day trash - undesirable items and trash discovered during the move out process.
  • Post move-in - packing/moving materials and boxes, left behind items from previous owners.
  • Evictions - tenant remnants ranging from furniture to general trash.
  • Commercial Property - old office chairs, desks, furniture, files and more.

DIY Projects

Approximately 90% of remodel trash is generated during the “demo” phase of a project.

  • Baths - demo of toilet, tub, shower, vanity, flooring, tile, drywall and more.
  • Kitchens - tear out of old cabinets, counter tops, appliances, flooring, drywall and studs.
  • Flooring - removal of carpet, parquet floors, bad hardwood, and mop boards.
  • Decks - build or replace decking, handrails, joist, stairs or support posts.
  • Fencing - replace a damaged stockade or chain link fence around your property.
  • Roofing - haul away of old ashpalt shingles up to 25 square (2500 sq. ft.)
  • Siding - removal of old clapboard, vinyl, aluminum siding and trim.
  • and more...

For Construction/Contractors

Contractors and remodelers find that utilizing a waste container helps them maintain a safe, clean and organized job site. Many types of remodeling, demolition, and construction projects require an efficient, cost-effective method of trash removal. Red Dog Dumpsters provides smaller dumpsters for commercial or home improvement projects that have space constraints or just don’t need a monstrous 30 yard roll-off. Below are some of the job types for a Red Dog Dumpster:

Construction Dumpers

Any cleanup project around the construction site that creates undesirable junk.

  • Bathrooms - disposal of tub, toilet, vanity, shower, tile, flooring, drywall, windows and more.
  • Kitchens - tear out of counter tops, cabinets, appliances, walls, soffits and flooring.
  • Basement Finishes - tear outs and finish scraps, studs, drywall and trim pieces.
  • Deck Build/Replace - build or replace decking, handrails, joist, stairs or support posts.
  • Roofing - 25 total square or less of asphalt shingles – recycled when possible.
  • Fencing - stockade or chain link demo material, post and concrete supports.
  • Room Aditions - wall blowouts, framing, drywall, siding, and roofing trim.
  • Garage Additions/Replacements - garage demo, and replacement material trim and excess.
  • Commercial Interior Remodels - strip mall, office suite and small building refurbishments.
  • Evictions - haul away of abandoned furniture, household goods and left behind items.
  • Recycling - “like material” recycling of wood, metal, roofing, paper and cardboard with documentation to support LEED® and other “green” building programs.
  • Big Remodel Jobs/ Limited Space - on occasion, large remodeling projects with multiple contractors create situations with limited room for construction debris containers and roll-off trucks. Red Dog Dumpsters can be placed in and out of many remodeling job site settings that are inaccessible to larger vehicles and roll-offs.

Virtually all of Red Dog Dumpster contractor clients are repeat customers. We are the best answer for limited space and HOA restrictions. Small to medium jobs in developed neighborhoods with limited space are our specialty. Timely delivery and pickup, accurately sized containers, along with extended rental times and repeat discounts make us the remodeler’s favorite. For questions or additional information, please call us today at (615) 933 3300.

Local Nashville Family-Owned Business

When you order a dumpster, be sure to ask if they are a broker. You might be surprised to learn that there are companies out there that broker the transaction without ever telling you they are not local. Why does this matter? When you contact Red Dog Dumpsters, you are going to get direct pricing with no broker taking their cut
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