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Red Dog Dumpsters is expanding his quick order dumpster service to Houston

By Red Dog Dumpsters | Feb 01, 2018

Scott Gardner is taking his talents to Houston.

After two years of operating Red Dog Dumpsters in Nashville, Gardner is now planning on expanding his order dumpster business westward.

“A friend of mine in the apartment remodeling business suggested we take a look there after Hurricane Harvey,” Gardner told the Texas Business Daily. “Just knowing there will be a backload of work there for the next few years and there aren’t a lot of people there who do what we do, we looked at it and said it’s probably a pretty good city to start our second store. We’re gearing up this month and should be fully operating by the 1st of February.”

Gardner seems convinced the Red Dog way of doing things will greatly aide the company in quickly carving out a niche for themselves in their new surroundings.

“We’ve done a real good job making it so user friendlier that we're undeniable in the market place,” he said. “A lot of our clients are last minute and need a dumpster right away. “We’re kind of the Uber of dumpsters. Call us, text us and we’ll be there in an hour or two. I don’t think there are many dumpster companies in the world to do that kind of thing.”

Gardner said the company’s selection of 10 and 15-yard containers also allow them to be versatile enough to handle almost any job.

“It works great for someone cleaning out a garage or attic, works great for someone just moving in or out, works great for small remodeling projects, and works great for home rebuilders,” he said.

Finally, Gardner said Red Dog’s system of flat rate pricing makes them more attractive for customers otherwise focused on just getting a job done.

“You call five different companies, you’ll get four different answers and four different delivery dates,” he said. “We charge one flat price and will be there that day.”

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