Bessemer Alabama Vitally Important Role in American history.

It was here in Bessemer that the Pullman Railcar Company built the rail cars that moved the very economy and most of the North American economies. It’s hard to put in words the importance of the industrial output of Bessemer but I will try in two ways:

  1. The railcars made here carried the American economy on them. Industrial nation’s economies were carried on Pullman railcars.
  2. Historically notorious, Pullman went on to build an entire town outside of Chicago. Certainly what Pullman learned in Bessemer was interpreted into Pullman, Illinois.

Pullman Town

In Pullman Chicago, Every part of the worker’s lives was accounted for, Pullman not only built the factory, but Pullman also built and owned the houses, the schools, the stores; the entire city was Pullman. That’s were phrases like “owed my soul to the company store” came from. Workers could work full time but then still owe the factory money instead of being paid.

The Bessemer Work Ethic

The fact that Pullman was so successful is a testament to the hard work ethic and a strong sense of family of the people of Bessemer. Being able to work skilled and fast they turned out top quality railcars year after year, generation after generation.

Now, as our American cities and economies have evolved, the Pullman Rail Car factory and Bessemer’s industrial capabilities are geared for modern production. A cool manufacturer of hospital bathrooms exists in the old Pullman factory today giving it new life and good jobs for families in the Birmingham Bessemer area.

Many American cities have lived grand lives before they took the shape they are in today;
Bessemer, Alabama is the original home Of Pullman Standard Train Car Factory.

Video of the history of Pullman Standard

Pullman Through the Years

Anyone who has ever been able to take a private rail car journey likely has enjoyed the Pullman train cars built in Bessemer. I have been fortunate to ride on the NYC-3 Portland, the Pullman car built for Harold Vanderbilt III. The car was a home office of luxury for the time and rail travel in this nature is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Bessemer should be proud of the rich history and architecture.

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